Camp Leif Ericson Alumni

Memories made as a camper or staff member stay with you for a lifetime. The goal of the Camp Alumni Committee is to reconnect campers and friends so we can all continue to cherish those memories and share them with each other. There are numerous ways to get involved and stay connected with the camp community:

  • Receive the Alumni E-Newsletter
  • Attend alumni reunions or events at camp
  • Reconnect with old friends and counselors on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Upcoming Events:

​To be announced soon!


  • Alumni Committee – We are looking for alumni to serve on an Alumni Committee which will organize events, coordinate give-back opportunities and facilitate reconnecting friendships.
  • Volunteer – Your talents are valuable to us. There are roles for volunteers in fundraising, grounds maintenance, office support, newsletter assistance, and board leadership, to name a few. Check out our extensive volunteer opportunities and contact us with your interest.
  • Wear the Y – If your camp shirt no longer fits, shop for a new one in the camp store. The look is updated and goes anywhere!

For more information, please contact Mike Murphy at or call (605) 336-CAMP.

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