The YMCA housing area was completed mid-summer, with a grand opening on August 17th.


On May 5, the new YMCA opened with over 35,000 ft. of remodeled space. The new YMCA featured state-of-the-art racquetball courts, a virtual fitness room and upgraded locker room spaces.


The YMCA partnered with Citi and Lloyd Construction to build 52, affordable housing units for the downtown community. The housing units would take 3/5 of the current YMCA’s square footage with the remainder going to a newly remodeled downtown YMCA wellness...


A partnership with Sioux Falls Skyforce basketball league was formed to create YForce. This new youth basketball league combined the Advanced Basketball League and the Recreational League, 4th-8th grades. The new YMCA logo is launched nationwide.


The Sioux Falls Family YMCA celebrated its 90th anniversary.
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